Don't let planning and modeling slow you down

Today, it’s harder than ever to plan and strategize at the pace of change. Without continually updated information and business-wide connection, your teams struggle to forecast and steer your organization. This can lead to poor performance and decisions that imperil the future.
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Today's Problem

In higher education, threats to revenue from lower enrollment and shrinking endowments create new urgency to reevaluate programs, tuition discounts, academic costing and more. For the public sector, lack of trust in government and public agencies drives the need for better performance and more visibility.

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What Do I Need to Do?

Transform your ability to anticipate the future—and make decisions with confidence. Tru Consulting can help. As a certified Anaplan Implementation Partner, we provide customized consulting and implementation that connects data, people, and plans across your organization.

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Our Solution

We bring a singular focus on Anaplan software and industry-leading experience in higher education and the public sector with 100% proven implementation and success. With our support, you’ll have a solution to steer the future with connected data across your organization.

Connected Planning for
Higher Education

Plan for long-term success with connected data across your university’s people, programs, and plans. Through expert consulting and Anaplan implementation, we empower your staff to make planning, budgeting, and forecasting easier and more effective, so you can support student and business success.
Trusted by some of the most prestigious campuses
We understand your challenges and are here to solve them
Our team understands the challenges that colleges and universities face today. With 150+ years of collective experience, we have worked with institutions from community colleges to small liberal arts colleges and large public and private universities. We can help with:
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Industry-specific consulting expertise
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Customized templates that decrease implementation time and costs
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Proven methodology with best practices in higher education
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Proven Banner integration expertise
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#1 partner
Anaplan Higher Education, North America
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Projects delivered in 30 months
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Project success rate

“Given the power of the Anaplan tool, we are a month ahead of schedule with our budget process. It’s no longer a pain point. This was a win for all parties.”

New York University

The tireless dedication of the Tru team has allowed us to implement the first phase of our solution in a timeframe most thought impossible. We look forward to our continued partnership with Tru and Anaplan as we develop our systemwide implementation.

University of Nevada, Reno

“Anaplan has been incredibly useful with how quickly we can run scenarios such as tuition changes, student enrollment, and discount rates. Now it takes minutes rather than hours or days.”

Tulane University

Connected Planning for Public Sector

Streamline planning and speed time to insight across your agency. Through expert consulting and Anaplan implementation, we transform your processes and enhance the speed and depth of your analytic capabilities to improve performance and help you build public trust.
We know the pressures that public agencies face
Our team understands the pressures that public sector agencies face to accelerate planning cycles, access better connected data, and steer performance through increased volatility and change. With 150+ years of combined consulting experience, we have worked with local and state municipalities and utilities to deliver solutions for truly connected budgeting and planning. We can help with:
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Industry-leading consulting expertise
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Customized templates that decrease implementation time and costs
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Proven methodology with public-sector framework
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Proven technical, data, and integration expertise, including with popular ERP and other database solutions
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Public sector organizations have adopted Anaplan since 2021
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Projects delivered in 10 months
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Project success rate

"Being highly focused in public sector, they were able to understand our nuances and data very quickly."

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Drive Better Decisions

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