Anaplan Connect 2023: Tru Consulting

The Anaplan Stage!

After many meetings, emails, text messages, and “conversations”, we are excited to say that Tru and Higher Education finally made it to the Anaplan stage! Tru Consulting has made it to the Anaplan Connect stage x two!  Take a listen, as our partners share not only their Anaplan journey but how AMAZING our team is!  Not only did they mention our expertise, but our relationship with them, the importance of the implementation partner, our ability to plan for future and how we have impacted their mission and community.   After this session, Anaplan leadership said, “I think they said Tru’s name more than Anaplan” .  On the other hand, the five of us said – “We did it! Higher Ed is in the house!”

We are proud of all the dedication our team poured into our projects to ensure success. Seeing our partners talk about their experience with us on such a prestigious platform is a testament to the amazing work we do together. Without further ado, let’s celebrate this milestone together! Watching our achievements on screen is a reminder of the remarkable journey we’ve undertaken as a team.

Here are the links to the videos:

Remember, these are not just videos; it's a testament to our teams' collective brilliance, creativity, and unwavering dedication. As we watch, let's reflect on how far we’ve come and be inspired for the even greater heights we’re destined to reach in the future. Let’s spread the positivity, the passion, and the incredible work we do at Tru Consulting. Social media, internal networks, or a good old-fashioned email – share it wherever you can, and let the world see the amazing things we’ve achieved.


Thank you once again for your hard work and commitment. Here’s to us, to our partners, and to the Finance Revolution that we’re pioneering together! 🎉

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