TruEd Consulting Case Study: University of South Carolina

How the University of South Carolina redefined its financial planning and analysis with TruEd Consulting designed for Anaplan


More than science is at work inside South Carolina’s most comprehensive health sciences research and teaching institution.
 Everyday, the University of South Carolina’s researchers and its fifty thousand undergraduate, professional, and graduate students search for solutions to complex issues that limit the health, prosperity, and futures of this generation.
 The university reached a critical juncture with its old financial planning and budgeting system. Though it implemented new systems for finance and human capital management, most of the work and data were still tracked and evaluated manually on spreadsheets.
 “Herein the budget office, we were doing everything on spreadsheets, and there was a lot in those spreadsheets,” said Kelly Epting, Associate Vice President for Finance and Budget. “We frequently had to switch back and forth between them, which meant we were susceptible to all forms of error. Also, our processes were extremely inefficient. Whenever we were asked to run scenarios, it would take several days. What we really needed was a better and more efficient way of doing things, not only for our office but also for our colleagues in the colleges and the support units.”
  Kelly and her team began looking for a real solution to the university’s financial planning issues. Their search prompted them to speak to different vendors at various conferences. Anaplan was the solution that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. However, the university needed a partner to help implement Anaplan, and TruEd turned out to be the perfect choice.


Leveraging its collective experience of more than three hundred years, TruEd’s team is uniquely positioned to comprehend the challenges impacting contemporary colleges and universities. The company is committed to empowering and equipping finance and budget teams to liberate themselves from the constraints of IT dependency and spreadsheets.

TruEd has partnered with Anaplan, a collaborative cloud-based platform with real time capabilities in addressing the planning, budgeting, and forecasting needs of higher education institutions. Anaplan’s flexibility caters to organizations of all sizes, facilitating efficient and connected planning across all organizational levels.
TruEd’s understanding of higher education and its effective presentation of what Anaplan could offer made the choice clear for the university. Kelly and her team were confident that TruEd could deliver the real-time financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting solutions they needed.
According to Kelly, “We believe that it is absolutely essential to be able to trust your partner, and we needed a partner with expertise. That’s why we selected TruEd.”

Working collaboratively with TruEd, the University of South Carolina began bringing its financial information into the modern age, moving from complicated spreadsheets to Anaplan. TruEd provided training and guidance to the university’s team throughout the transition, fostering a learning environment that led to a deep understanding of the new system. The transparency and adaptability of Anaplan transformed the platform from a mysterious “black box” into a tool that the university’s staff could truly own and control.
Additionally, the engagement with TruEd provided an opportunity for the university to identify and plan for future phases of development and implementation. This created a roadmap for continual improvement and expansion of the university’s financial management capabilities.
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